How To Read Forex Chart Properly

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how to read forex chart properly?

   Do you know that technical analysis is a combination of indicator analysis with forex chart analysis? But actually the more valid and decisive is the signal of the graph pattern rather than the signal of the indicator. Because the graph itself is a reflection of the real market while the indicator is the calculation of the value of the graph with a certain formula.
   So although its indicator sometimes indicates that the graph will move in a certain direction but if the pattern of the graph itself is not ready to move, then signal indicator becomes false and graph will keep moving according to the track.
   On this occasion we will learn about normal and abnormal graph movement. It is important to determine the direction of the next market. When the chart moves to normal then the next market direction will form a perfect chart pattern. But when the moves are not normal, the graph will soon reverse direction to form the pattern that should be.
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How to monitor Forex Bitcoin Business Charts

   After the market down and touch the oversold area, then there will be some traders who use the buy bottom strategy to start buying action trying to reverse direction trend.Oleh therefore the market began to move from saturation conditions, at that time the market will try to break the trend line. If strength is not strong enough then the market will re-enter the oversold zone.
   Once the charts have broken through the trend line, at that time many traders start thinking that the downtrend is over. Therefore, more and more are doing open buy so that the market power is stronger to rise.
   In normal condition although it has penetrated trend line or resistent, market will not directly move straight but will make corrections first to make sure this up trend is really strong.
   After ensuring the trend is really strong through a correction in the process of strengthening the market will move faster, because at that time many traders who opened a buy position.Starting from the use of buy bottom strategy, break out and trend follower.
   Under normal conditions in a state of total dominance is still often a correction, but not too far away. Because this is because some traders begin to fear the price will reverse direction, but the energy is still less great by the dominance of power.


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What If There Are Weaknesses In Forex And How To Increase Graphs Back Like What?

   After going far enough and the price soaring, has now greatly reduced traders who dare to open a buy position and therefore market power to rise began to weaken. Plus some traders have started to close open buy position to achieve profit. So as if the market stopped moving.
   In the normal condition of weakening the rising trend is marked by the shrinking body candle or start a lot of candle with a long tail top.
   With the weakening due to the closing of the buy position makes the market stalled and will be in overbought condition. At that time traders who use the top sell strategy began to enter the market but on the other hand traders who use the long-term strategy may have just seen a trade rise push that causes the market level.
   The normal condition of a short-term trader with a top sell strategy will win and reverse the direction of the trend, but after the downturn it is possible that long-term traders will win. Because the decline could be considered a long-term correction.
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How To Understand Bitcoin Forex Business When It Happens Rising Graph on Bitcoin.

   when the market will reverse direction in the long term, then it should form a foundation similar to a parabola. Likewise, while the correction, to move longer longer normally the correction that forms a zigzag ladder pattern.
   If it does not form the 2 core patterns then it is certain the market will only move short.
   That is the movement of forex charts normally, even though in practice rarely form a perfect movement like that. But what matters is that we have the right grip of the groove like what so that at the time of the analysis we can roughly what process will happen next seen from terms of normality.
   So if it turns out the graph is moving abnormally, we become aware that there has been a deviation so that the next market will reverse direction back to normal path.
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